Everyone has the right to mental wellness and the potential to self-heal.


Through an integrative approach that addresses medical, mental, and spiritual aspects, Dr. Margarida focuses on the body-mind connections by looking at the underlying physical and emotional causes of symptoms and ongoing problems. 

Dr. Margarida obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in Chicago, United States. During her doctorate degree, she was the mentee of Dr. Harold Mosak, a psychologist who was mentored by Karl Rogers, the father of Humanist Psychology. While working in world-renowned hospitals and private clinics for the treatment of chronic pain conditions in Chicago, she trained under the supervision of medical doctors and psychologists and began to understand the connection between mind and body, as well as the impossibility of treating one without the other. Four years of clinical experience in this environment culminated in her doctoral thesis that explored the relationship between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Headaches.


In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles, California to work with incarcerated individuals in the California Prison System. Working in the state prison system in California and in psychiatric hospitals for individuals found not guilty by reason of insanity by the US justice system was an eye-opening experience that offered insight into the strength of the human body, the nature-nurture influence on one’s identity, and its capacity for change. 


Since moving back to her hometown of Lisbon, Portugal in May 2019 she established a private practice while continuing partnering with other professionals for research. Dr. Margarida has worked on a number of projects for MindOnly with Dan Brown, PhD, a psychologist and professor at Harvard University. She is also a consultant psychologist for different companies developing psychological assessments to measure different personality traits. 


Most of Dr. Margarida’s work, in hospitals, prisons and private practice has focused on individuals with histories of trauma, diagnosis of PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders, psychosomatic issues, relationship problems, and identity-related concerns. Through an integrative approach that addresses emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects that manifests through physical symptoms, Dr. Margarida has worked closely with a number of individuals alongside other health professionals and healers that understand the individual should not be labeled as a mental illness or group of symptoms, but rather treated as a whole. 


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